Items That You Should Not Flush in The Toilet

Local West Sydney Plumbers – There are some things you should not flush in the toilet. Many people get rid of various of objects down into the toilet bowl.

The thing is that sort of actually trigger the damage within the plumbing system.

Should Not Flush in The Toilet

Surely, you flush them away, however these items will keep returning to haunt you in the shape of a blocked drain, clogged toilet or blocked sewer line. Listed here is a listing of objects that you need to never flush:

Wet Wipes

As opposed to toilet tissue, wet wipes will not break with ease in water. Still “flushable” wet-wipes can cause chaos in your pipes, causing blockage to your drains.

Cat’s Litter

Cat litter does not have any place when you look at the toilet, particularly the clumping wide array this is certainly made of clay. This litter is meant to cling together in regard to into experience of moisture. Once flushed, it may form big clumps when you look at the sewer lines, ultimately causing a blocked drain.

Still kitty litter that is labeled as “flushable” must not be put down the loo. Not only will it wreak havoc on your plumbing, it may have already been blasted for the fact that it is the cause to the demise of underwater life.


Flushing your underwear down he toilet may seem an okay idea—there is no harm. However, it is the other way around. Being forced to call a plumbing professional to fish out your dirty undies from a blocked drain is not any fun after all.

Cigarette Butts

We all know smoking cigarettes is detrimental to your quality of life, but did you know it is detrimental to your plumbing system too? The firmly joined filter systems of cigarette butts will not break when flushed. They also float in the water and when they are caught in the pipes, they ultimately contribute to a blocked drain issue.


Many individuals genuinely believe that condoms are biodegradable since they are made of latex rubber, a naturally derived product of rubber trees. However, manufacturers of latex condoms often add some other components in to the mix, to ensure they are more content also to prevent them from breaking.

Some other condoms have no latex, and generally are instead made of materials such as for example silicone and Polyurethane, neither of that are biodegradable. Still biodegradable condoms made of lambskin could cause clogged drains and may not be flushed well.


When you become a new parent, you have probably enough on your plate, so dealing with a blocked drain might be the last thing you can imagine. The blockages brought on by nappies may be terrible, so get rid of them properly by throwing them in the trash bin.


Tampons enlarge in water which means that they are able to block toilets in addition to sewers through getting stuck to many other things such as twigs or rubbish. They may not be built to be flushed as they do not break up. Whilst it usually takes a while in order for them to build up and result in a blocked drain, ultimately a blockage will happen and a plumbing professional will have to arrive and remove it.

If You Are Experiencing Problems With Drainage

Keep all of the above in mind and you can avoid the embarrassment of a blocked drain down the track. If you are experiencing problems with drainage, make sure you put your trust in a blocked drain specialist like Sydney Blocked Drain Group to give you the peace of mind that you deserve when it comes to repairing your clogged drain properly and professionally.

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