Local West Sydney Plumbers – The moment you discover your running toilet faces a problem, it may be the very last thing you think of wanting to deal with. Living a life without an indoor and most importantly, a functioning toilet can get irritating fast.

Once a problem does occur, you immediately shift to your panic mode, questioning what the reason is.

How to Stop a Running Toilet

In a household, we find a lot of common problems that can waste gallons of water, like a running toilet or a running toilet flush. If left unchecked, a running toilet can make damage to the house and water bill as much as a clogged toilet can do.

There is always an easy fix to problems to do by yourself at home. Here are some steps to repair a running toilet :

Identifying Type of Toilet Mechanism

First step to do before fixing a running toilet, or any toilet problems at all, is to find out what kind of mechanism your toilet may have and how it works. It is very necessary to know a basic understanding on how your toilet works. For example, firstly, remove the lid of the toilet.

  •  When the handle is pressed, a flapper (a chain) is lifted that means the water in the tank is allowed to flow into the bowl. The flapper will drop and close the opening and return to do the same refill method.
  • When water empties out of the tank, a big plastic float will drop. Opening when the float is down and closing when the tank is filled up and the float is up happens because of a connection between the float and float valve.
  • Excess water is drained into the bowl from overflowing tube in the middle of the tank. The tube is channeling the float valve to send water to the bowl during refill method.

Repair the Issue

To fix or repair the issue, first is adjusting the water level by ensuring that there’s nothing that can raise or blocking the water level or a toilet-bowl from closing properly. You might want to remove mineral deposits around the seat underneath the valve.

The source of problems of a continually running toilet can branched out from various issues like a broken flapper, water is logged float or a high water level, may also be because a broken valve which only way to fix it is to replace it.

Before replacing the valve, water flow to the tank needs to be shut off. Next step would be flushing the tank so it is empty. Remove the toilet valve with a pair of tongue and groove pliers which can remove the slip riser and jamb nut below the valve underneath it. When the pull chain is properly adjusted, flapper valve is very easy to clip on.

Try turning on the water at the shutoff valve which will refill the tank. The water level is back fine to normal and put the toilet lid back on.

Repairing a running toilet may seem and sound easy but its complications through the process sometimes are frustrating and annoying for homeowners.

Just Call a Professional plumber

If you still haven’t solve the problem, give a professional like Local Western Sydney Plumbers a call, tell us what situation you are facing, what you need and our professional will contact you to send you experienced plumber to repair your issue. We offer you to get a plumbing service within affordable budget, as well as getting a free quote without obligations. Book online to get $50 Off for same day plumbing service. We are open and ready to take calls 24 hours 7 days a week, focusing on customer needs and taking the stress out of plumbing problems.

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